Dog Boarding 101: Everything You Need to Know About Dogsitting Services

Going away on holiday or vacation and need somewhere to leave your dog? Suppose your dog cannot join you on vacation because of a health issue or no-pets policy. In that case, an in-home pet sitter is not an option, and your dog doesn’t do well in large kennels where they may be created or other professional establishments that take care of dogs. In-home dog boarding may be the best candidate.

But before you decide to leave your dog with a dog boarding service, you probably have some questions to ask before you’re fully confident that you made the right decision. So what is dog boarding? Here are the most frequently asked dog boarding questions:

What Is Dog Boarding?

I’ve never done Dog Boarding before. 

What Is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is kind of like dog babysitting. You are giving your furry friend the care to a stranger and relying on them to take care of him or her in your absence.

As you would expect, many owners don’t wish to give their dog to someone who doesn’t look ‘official.’ A kennel or another similar establishment will have food, trained handlers, and access to vets and medicines. 

When you’re dog boarding, you rely on a family to know and care for your dog almost as well as you do. If you have a good selection process and do your research, your dog will have a home away from home!

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Boarding?

My Dog is old. Can he be boarded?

Yes, an older dog can be boarded just as any dog would. However, you have to realize that it shouldn’t just be given to any family for boarding because your dog is older. Rather than a noisy kennel, it may be best to choose a quiet family that does not have many other animals who can care for your dog, as they may need special attention or medicine administered. Perhaps you can select an older couple that would love to have an extra dog around the house for a few days while you’re on holiday. 

If your older puppy has illnesses, make sure that the people you’re giving your dog know what medicines to give your dog, how many times a day, and when. Write the schedule down if need be, but you can always stay in communication and call or text the family to remind them; Oppositely, a kennel is busy all day, and you may not get good communication. 

Are Dogs Traumatized by Boarding?

My Dog has abandonment issues.

Are Dogs Traumatized by Boarding?

If you have a rescue dog that has been abused or abandoned, it may not want to be away from its new, loving owners. In-home dog boarding is the best choice for this type of dog because, unlike a kennel, they aren’t trapped in a box or cage. 

It is essential that the family or person you’re leaving them with is affectionate and gives your dog attention and comfort to ward off any worrying. It may help provide them with something to be occupied with so they don’t worry about you, becoming more distant with their temporary caretaker.

That’s why some brand new toys, like a Petlou hedgehog or a Steeldog duck toy, would be great. It will give them something to play with, chew on and snuggle up to when it’s time for bed. 

Give Me Some Dog Boarding Tips!

My Dog is used to rewards.

When you have chosen your dog boarding service or family, make sure you give them the treats you usually give to your dog. However, there’s also a chance that because your dog is so used to the pleasures you typically assign, that they will be distracted by something else, such as wondering where you are, watching every car that drives by, and barking into the night.

So give them a brand new treat, such as the  Dapper Dog Box Hot Cocoa Treats. The Loving Dog Duck Bites is also a trendy treat for dogs. This kind of yummy food will make your dog want to be a good boy and well-behaved for its temporary caretakers. Just make sure that the family remembers to give your dog a treat for being good. Dogs can be unsure in a new home, so this should ease any nerves.

Got Any Boarding Kennel Advice?

My Dog loves to run around.

Got Any Boarding Kennel Advice?

If your dog cannot stop running around because you have a large yard or they’re used to trips to the park daily, then select a family that has a similar backyard, property, or lifestyle. This is the crux of the issue. 

You have to do the research and choose the best family or person to take care of your dog, matching them with people that will meet their needs and keep them happy and safe.

This means you should read reviews, physically check out different establishments, visit any in-home boarding options you are considering, ask exact questions, and have a genuine chat about what your dog likes and dislikes. If they can meet your dog’s needs for activities and space, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

How Can I Make My Dog Boarding Easier?

How do I know my Dog is safe?

How Can I Make My Dog Boarding Easier?

Safety is key. Thankfully, in the modern age, we live in, technology can vanquish the vast gaps between us at any moment.

If you want to get updates from the family you have selected and, more specifically, want to see your dog is in good health, then organize facetime calls or zoom meetings via your tablet or laptop to check how your dog is getting along.

Seeing is believing for some owners, so this way, you can see your dog is okay and having fun.

You can ask to have photos sent to you via text. And because live streaming is so popular now, perhaps the boarder will have cameras set up so you can check in on what your dog is up to live!

Is House Sitting Ideal for Us?

What About House-Sitting?

Is House Sitting Ideal for Us?

In any part-time pet-sitting gig, a friend or family member will drive over to your house to let your dog out to go to the bathroom every so often or take them for a quick walk. Then they will leave and get on with their day. If this is enough for your dog, they do not need any extra attention, and they do fine alone for long periods, then this will suffice.

However, if it is for more than a day or so, you would need to socialize your dog a bit more.  House-sitting is typically where the dog owner will have someone stay at their own home.  This requires you to give someone the keys to your home and trust them with your home as well as your dog. If this is not for you, you can send the dog somewhere else or to someone else’s home. Dog boarding is full-time. Your dog is being cared for around the clock. They’re living life like they usually would (maybe even better!). This means they’re not lonely, and they are regularly eating, being social. And of course, they get hugs and kisses whenever they want!