The 4 Kinds of Dads: Getting the Right Present for Your Old Man

If your dad is approaching a big birthday, it can be hard to think of exactly what you want to get him. Dads are notoriously difficult to shop for and tend to already have everything they need. Getting the right present for your old man is hard. But you can’t go wrong when you get something that he’ll actually use. So here’s a list of useful gifts for dad.

See which clique the dads in your life fit into so that you can get them exactly what they’ve been wanting this year.

Useful Gifts for Dad He’ll Surely Love

Man smiling widely

The Gamer Dad

There is a certain generation of dads who grew up right in the limelight of gaming obsession. If the dad you are celebrating has his own dedicated TV for gaming and owns noise-canceling headphones that make it as if you and the kids don’t exist, he would absolutely love anything from this list.

Useful gifts for dad who's into gaming

This caffeinated care package and a dedicated night all to himself are exactly what this dad will love to do on his big day. Surprise your special dad by arranging a sleepover at grandma’s or a friend’s house for the kids and filling the fridge with his favorite snacks. The new Assassin’s Creed he won’t stop talking about and a six-pack of his favorite brew would make this a night he’ll never forget.

The best part is that you can camp out in the bathtub with a bottle glass of wine, your favorite magazine, and finally enjoy some peace and quiet.

If you really want your special dad to be able to game all night, gift him some manly blue light blocking glasses. Not only will he look super sophisticated as he speeds around in GTA, but he won’t have to put down the remote just because of tired eyes. This gift will definitely be worth it if he also works in front of a computer all day.

You may not have space in your house for a dedicated gaming room, but giving dad some light-blocking curtains will allow him to have a totally subversive gaming experience at any time, day or night! Use these to transform any room in your house into his gaming man cave and then back to normal whenever he’s done.

The King of the Grill

We all know one of those dads who is just magnetized to the grill. Rain or storm, he is going to cook and eat what he wants using his favorite appliance in the house. These dads often cook for a crowd, even if it’s just a Tuesday family dinner. Appease this dad’s fiery appetite with one of the delicious gifts below.

Useful gifts for dad who's into grilling

Let your dad create his very own BBQ sampler by gifting him a few of these delicious rubs. Invite some of his favorite friends over for the feast and set up a voting station where they can each pick their favorite!

Give your dad the gift that keeps on giving by subscribing him to the BBQ Box. With options from 1 month to 12 months, you can be sure to keep your grilling boss satisfied all year long.

If your special dad has been using the same tools for years (or has a bad habit of leaving them outside,) make him feel like a whole new man with a brand new set including tongs, spatula, and grill brush!

Expand your griller’s food horizon by getting him a pizza stone that is safe for the grill! It will definitely add some variety into his BBQ basics and who doesn’t love pizza?

The Dapper Dad

Do you have a dad in your life who looks like he’s straight out of Mad Men and always has a taste for quality? These dads take sophistication and class to a whole new level. Spoil your debonair dad with gifts he can enjoy in his man cave.

A dad drinking an Old-Fashioned whiskey

This old-fashioned cocktail set will have your dad feeling like the dashing gentlemen he truly is. You’ll need a nice bottle of rye whiskey to complement the set so don’t forget to pop into the liquor store to grab some.

A dapper dad is surely interested in how he looks. Schedule him an appointment for a shave and massage at a high-end barber near you. The Boardroom offers haircuts, shaves, and spa treatments and has locations in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arizona.

record player will take your dad back to a simpler time and give him something to unwind with at the end of a hard day. You don’t have to listen to old music on a record player, you can find any modern album on record and enjoy your favorite tunes in old fashioned style.

The Family Man

If you know one of those dads who always says, “I just want to spend my special day with my family,” then it can be extremely frustrating to try and pick out a gift. Lean into dad’s desires by getting him something he can enjoy (or do!) with you and the kids.

A dad making breakfast with his family

Plan a full day of family relaxation at home and start it out with a pancake breakFEAST for all. When you all have full stomachs and start to feel sleepy, gather up on the couch to watch Dad’s all-time favorite movie. If he doesn’t have one, may I suggest Jaws, The Mummy, or the all-time classic James Bond franchise?

If your kids truly are the apple of their dad’s eye, arrange a photoshoot and capture some memories that he will appreciate forever. You can find a local photographer in your area, or better yet, grab your iPhone for some high-quality pics! To make it even better, head to Dad’s favorite park or restaurant to take pictures that will make him smile every day. You can print photos very quickly at a pharmacy or FedEx near you, and go ahead and frame them so that Dad doesn’t have to feel the pressure of picking frames to match your french-farmhouse decor.

No matter how sentimental your special dad is, everyone loves to hear how appreciated they are. Send out a text to your friends, family, and neighbors and ask them to send you a quick video wishing him a happy birthday. Take some videos of you and the kids too! Download an easy-to-use app like Vimeo or Magisto to clip all the videos together, and show it to Dad during dinner on his special day!

No matter what the personality of the dad in your life, he will surely enjoy any of these gifts. Knowing he has someone who cares about him feeling loved and appreciated on his birthday is the best gift you can offer. Whether it’s time or presents, giving to someone on their special day is one of the most rewarding efforts you can make, so whatever you can do, do it out of the spirit of giving and he will be sure to feel as loved as ever.