50 Unique Gifts for Dad On Father's Day

Father’s Day 2023 is here! It’s one of the rare occasions where we can give back to the men who have given us so much through life. Whether you call him dad, daddy, father, pops, papa–one thing is for sure: no material gift can equal their love and guidance through the years but you surely want to seek unique gifts for Dad on this day.

It sure would be great to greet them on this special day with a gift that came from the heart. A gift which you’ve put a lot of thought into, and got just for them. If you’re stumped for ideas, don’t worry, because that’s what this Father’s Day Gift Guide is all about. We hope you enjoy our comprehensive list below, which can cater to all kinds of dads.

Get ready to take some notes and prepare your wrapping paper, because we’ve got Father’s Day gifts galore coming your way!

Father’s Day 2023 Gift Guide
50 Unique Gifts for Dad to Spoil Him With!

Whether you’re shopping for your dad, partner, or friend, we’re sure to have something that’s just right for you! Check out our gift guide below.

10 Father’s Day Gifts for Husbands

Unique gifts for dad on Father's Day

1. The Essential Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with the basics. And admit it–you won’t really ever buy a hoodie for yourself. There’s something about cozying up to your husband’s hoodie that makes it more comfortable and warm. So if he (or you) has worn out his old hoodie, get him one (or more than one!) in his favorite colors.

2. A Compact Camera

No great moment should be left undocumented, especially when it’s shared with family. If your husband spends a lot of time with work, these rare moments become even more important. So get him a nice camera that can make sure you never forget these magical moments together. Get a compact digital one that’s easy to stash and store!

3. Maximum Massage 

Whether he’s tired from a long day of work, from exercising or training, or from the woes that come with age, you can’t go wrong with this massage gun which provides deep tissue relaxation. It comes with a wide array of settings that you can choose from to get a massage experience that’s just right.

4. BBQ Every Month

Got a meat-lover in your home? Don’t look any further than monthly subscriptions from BBQ Box. That’s right. Subscriptions. For meat lovers. Have a crate of goodies delivered to your doorstep each month. You can even customize your subscription to include which snacks, rubs, spices, marinades, and wood chips you get. There’s also a free recipe that will help your husband create BBQ-tastic meals.

5. Beer Coolers

Got a husband who’s a big fan of beer? Well, that’s your solution right there! Get him an easy-to-carry beer cooler bag that he can take with him when he goes out. This beer cooler in particular has won our hearts — you can strap it on while playing golf or any other outdoor activity. It’s great for hiking, camping, and long drives on the road, too!

6. Socks for Any Occasion

If you’ve got a man who knows how to style himself, congratulations! This endearing trait also means it can be easy to shop for him. Get him different socks for different occasions. We are huge fans of dress socks, so if he is, too, then get him a fancy few!

7. The Gift of Clean and Crisp Sound

A great Father’s Day gift would be something that caters to his passions and hobbies. So if you’ve got a music fan in your home, then maybe consider a nice Bluetooth speaker for him to listen to music and/or podcasts. We love the Bose SoundLink Revolve+ because it’s not just portable, but it boasts of the clearest sound we’ve heard in a long time. If your husband is a fan of new tech, he’ll surely appreciate this one too!

8. Equipped for the Court

If tennis is your husband’s sport, then you can either get him a new tennis racquet, a set of tennis balls, or, better yet, a new pair of tennis shoes to show your support for his favorite game. Get him one from his favorite brand or in his favorite color!

9. An Outdoor Experience

Gifts don’t always have to come as material things–they can be experiences, shared moments, and anything you can’t simply “buy” from a store. With this in mind, why not book a nice trek, hike, or canyon visit with your husband? If he’s a big outdoorsman and is a fan of these kinds of activities, he’ll surely appreciate the gesture (and the gift itself)! You can either book one for just himself or for the both of you to enjoy.

Airbnb hosts a lot of these tours and hikes. Make sure to double-check any restrictions in the location you choose, as well as any safety precautions that are needed beforehand.

10. Comfy Inside and Out

For some reason, there’s just something about getting underwear as a gift during special occasions. It’s both intimate and practical at the same time. You probably already know what types of underwear your man prefers at this point, so you can go get those. You can also venture out and try different materials, colors, or brands. Just make sure you put his comfort first!

10 Father’s Day Gifts from Sons

Man giving unique gifts for Dad on Father's Day

11. The Jedi Dad

Got a dad who’s a big fan of Star Wars? Get him a Star Wars-themed mug, which can be both geeky and funny depending on the design. Plus, you know he’ll remember you every time he makes coffee or sips tea. There are also beer mugs available!

12. Never a Cup of Cold Coffee

Who doesn’t hate a cup of coffee gone cold? We’ve all been there–and this Father’s Day, you can save dad that bit of hassle by getting him a nice temperature-control coffee mug. This way, he can have a nice cup of joe even when he’s busy working. 

13. Splurge on Time 

Ready to indulge with your gift? Father’s Day only comes once a year, after all. You won’t ever get wrong with a nice, classic wristwatch. It’s more than telling the time–it’s showing your old man that some things never go out of style–things like class and tradition.

14. Train in Style

If you have a dad who’s serious about fitness, it makes sense to get him something practical and stylish. A nice pair of training shorts will go a long way. Plus, you know he’ll be reminded of you every time he uses them. It also tells him that you know what he loves–and that you care about his health and fitness! Better yet, get one for yourself too, and you guys can train together!

15. Perfect Wine, Anytime

A good wine aerator is a great gift for anyone. It’s especially lovely if your dad is a wine guy, too. He can use it to relax after a hard day’s work, when hanging out with the rest of the family, or on a Tuesday night. There are no rules! He will love this for sure!

16. DIY BBQ Feasts

Does your dad love to barbecue? If he’s already got the basics–his own grill, tools, and a fridge full of meat, then you can get him that extra thing to make his barbecue go from good to heavenly. A nice set of meat rubs will give any grilling escapade a culinary masterpiece. We’re big fans of BBQ Box’s Bold Flavor Rub, which he can use on pork, beef, chicken, and other meats!

17. Automobile Nostalgia

Having a dad who loves to read definitely takes the stress off of shopping. You can simply pick up the latest title from his favorite authors. You can also go ahead and choose a book that caters to his interests and hobbies. For instance, if your father is a big fan of vintage cars, you can get him My Dad Had That Car: A Nostalgic Look at the American Automobile–which is a massive hit for dads!

18. Vintage Sound

Since we’re talking about nostalgia–let’s keep it going! It’s possible that you’ve never used a classic retro radio for yourself, but your father most likely has. You can ask him if he still has his old one, have it repaired or polished, or buy him a (new) vintage radio. It will bring him back to his younger years, for sure!

Jerky Mangram: One of the most unique gifts for Dad on Father's Day

19. For the Jerky Fan

Is your pop big on jerky? If so, the Jerky Mangram is the absolute best gift you can get him for this holiday. This gift package includes:

  • Real Steak Jerky: Hand-cut pieces of flank steak, slow marinated in Real Steak’s classic original recipe
  • Real Turkey Jerky: 100% turkey breast in a sweet, smoky marinade
  • Real Chicken Jerky: 100% chicken breast in a roasted red chile marinade.
Liquor Nuts Tin Gift Set: One of the most unique gifts for Dad on Father's Day

20. At-Home Bar Food

Do you and your dad enjoy having the occasional beer at your local pub every Friday night? Just because you can’t hang out the same way you did before because of different circumstances–distance, busy schedules, or a global pandemic maybe–doesn’t mean you can’t chill at home. Pop open some beers and enjoy some good old bar food. Now, you can offer this from one nifty gift set. We highly recommend this Liquor Nuts Tin Gift Set!

10 Father’s Day Gift from Daughters

Woman giving unique gifts for Dad on Father's Day

21. Tell Him You Love Him

While you can always literally just tell him this, whether it’s Father’s Day or not, there’s something special about showing it in a special way. There are tons of customizable journals out there that let you do this. If you have kids, too, you can also get child-friendly versions that let them show their love for grandpa.

22. Indulge in Dad Jokes

We all have had cringey moments whenever dads make unfunny jokes–in a way that only dads can. But on this special day, why not indulge in his whimsical nature? Get him the ultimate dad joke books, and whether he shares the jokes with you or not, he’ll surely have more than a few laughs here and there.

23. For the Iron Man Dad

If your father is big into fitness, weight-lifting, and bodybuilding, then he’ll definitely appreciate a nice gift crate of his favorite supplements, protein powders, and other athletic gear. If you don’t exactly know which kinds to buy, you can check out the Citizen Box from Spartan Carton, which offers everything he needs to keep his fitness in check.

24. Father & Daughter Morning Runs

Maybe your dad is into fitness, but he’s more of the daily run or jog type of guy instead of a gym buff. If this is the case, get him a brand new set of jogger pants. Then you can join him in a couple of early runs around the neighborhood, which gives you the sweet bonus of father-daughter bonding time.

25. Fishing Basics

Does dad love fishing? Then choosing a gift for him is a no-brainer. Get him a nice set of fishing equipment. Chances are if he’s a hobbyist or serious man of the sea, he already has a nice fishing rod. So get him something he can still enjoy and be surprised by, such as a big set of fishing lures. There are tons of choices out there!

26. Go Wireless

Give dad the gift of convenience and hassle-free charging. Admit it–your parents (and even yourself, probably) have asked you more than once where their charger or phone cables are. With a wireless charger, all they have to do is put their phone and other electronics on top and they are good to go.

27. A Marvel Fan Forever

It’s true that it has only been for the past decade or so that the Marvel franchise has entered its peak popularity with mainstream fans. If your dad is one of the O.G. fans of the comic book giant, its characters, and stories, then get him something that’s worth any collector’s salt. A collectible action figure and rare comic book issues are some things that come to mind.

28. A Girl Dad, A Dog Dad

Does your sibling have four legs? Then a gift for your dad’s next favorite baby might be something worth considering. Dog dads are great to shop for because there’s a lot of doggie merchandise out there. You can get him a Dapper Dog Bandana, which he can wear in style. Won’t it be so cute if they went twinsies and both wore the same plaid pattern?

29. Say “Relaaaax”

A nice hammock will do the trick. He can use this when he’s off camping or on any outdoorsy adventure–and better yet, he can just set it up in the backyard or front porch. Imagine dad cozying up, even napping, any time of day he wants in a hammock that you gave him.

30. A Man’s Gotta Have Tools

One of a kid’s fond memories of dad would be him going around the house, repairing anything that was broken. It could be a clogged sink, dead lightbulbs, a worn-down fence, or even your toys. That’s been a long time, huh? Why not replace his tools with a brand new set. He might not have much use for it now, but the gesture would definitely have so much meaning for him.

10 Personalized & Custom Father’s Day Gifts

Woman giving unique gifts for dad on Father's Day

31. Leather Folding Flask & Shot Glass

This gift is perfect for the flask guy. He can carry the leather flask wherever he goes. It also comes with an accompanying shot glass if he wants to drink it in his office or out on the porch at night. The best part is that you can customize it with his initial.

32. Custom Wallet and Money Clip

A truly modern man knows his way around minimalism. A money clip is virtually weightless and stylish. You can get yours in either brown or black, and personalize it with up to three initials. The clip is made of sturdy metal and the wallet is made from handsome leather. It’s available in black or brown.

33. Stylish Cuff Links

If your dad is a stylish man, he puts high stock in beautiful cufflinks. Get him these personalized cuff links, which aren’t just elegant and high quality, but can also carry his initials in a beautiful monogram format. The silver-plated cufflinks are designed to last the test of time–in style.

34. Deluxe Camouflage Apron

Does your father love to cook or grill? Get the king of the kitchen a gift worthy of Father’s Day. This personalized camouflage apron doesn’t just carry his name or initials in front, it also comes with a matching deluxe mitt, a retractable and removable bottle opener, a bottle holder pocket, and most importantly–the thought that you put into personalizing it for him.

35. Bamboo Grill Set

Is dad more of a barbecuing fan? You can’t say there’s no finesse in grilling. In fact, we’ll say otherwise. And to prove that, you can get him this custom bamboo grill set, which comes in a wooden box that carries his initials, his name, a personalized greeting (Happy Father’s Day, for instance), or even a logo of your choosing. Choose from seven different styles and designs!

36. Custom Beer Mug

Upgrade your dad’s drinking experience with his very own beer mug. Choose from six different designs, where you can place his name, initials, or any other words you want. It can hold 18 oz of liquid, which is bigger than the usual 12 oz mug. Get one for yourself, too, and have a nice Friday night with dad.

37. High-Polish Compass

If your father is a fan of the great outdoors, camping, hiking, or sailing, he’ll love a nice keepsake compass. You can get it in silver or gold, and include his initials or his name. Choose from a variety of designs available!

38. Bamboo Pen Set

Add some flair to your dad’s office or study desk with this personalized bamboo pen set, which includes one premium pen and its own matching case. You can customize the case with his name or initials, too.

39. Dad’s Hunting Knife

Got an old man who’s handy and always prepared? This wood-handle hunting knife, which comes with its own lanyard and pocket clip. Made from premium brown wood, you can customize the handle with his name or initials. Most importantly, the knife itself is sharp, durable, and resistant to chipping and cracking.

40. For the Warm and Cozy Papa Bear

And last, but not least, nothing beats a good old coffee mug as a Father’s Day gift. This one shows that no matter how old you’ve grown, dad will always be your Papa Bear. You can customize it and add dad’s name on the mug.

10 Father’s Day Broquets for Your Old Man

Dad holding a Boquet
The Gentleman and Scholar

41. Old Fashioned Cocktail Set

No other drink says class and style in a man’s world like the Old Fashioned. While there are several ways of preparing it, many of which have caused debates all over the world, there’s one thing we know: The Gentleman & Scholar gift crate will elevate no matter which way you have your cocktail.

The Call Of The Wild Exotic Meat Crate

42. Exotic Meat Jerky Crate

Elk, bison, reindeer, wild boar, venison, beef, pheasant–these are just some of the exotic jerky that you can get in The Call of the Wild meat crate. It’s perfect for fathers who have had their fair share of jerky in their life, and are in the hunt for more uncommon flavors, to say the least.

The Smokehouse

43. Ultimate Bacon Gift Set

Who doesn’t love bacon, am I right? There are people who are fans of bacon–people who won’t shove a plate of bacon away if it’s in front of them. But then, there are lovers of bacon–those who always crave it, want it, and find different ways to enjoy it. If that sounds like your dad, then there’s no question–The Smokehouse gift crate is the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day.

The Fire Breather

44. Hot Sauce Tasting Set

This pretty much speaks for itself. Is dad big on hot sauces? If he can’t go a single day without sloshing on fiery stuff on his regular meals, you know he’ll really appreciate it if you get him The Fire Breather–Broquet’s very own hot sauce kit, which comes with five different sauces that are made from different spices and types of chilis and one Hot Sauce Tasting Notebook.

The Chief of Beef

45. Ultimate Beef Jerky Gift Crate

Probably Broquet’s most ambitious jerky crate to date, The Chief of Beef holds everything a man would love to receive on any given day. It includes 1 of each: More Than Just Original Jerky, Habanero Snack Stick, Sweet & Spicy Barbeque Jerky, Original Beef Jerky, Black Pepper Jerky, Hot Beef Jerky, Original Hardtimes Jerky, and Teriyaki Jerky.

The Wake and Bacon

46. Manly Breakfast Essentials

The Wake and Bacon will be the next best thing to happen to your dad’s mornings. No matter how he might dread waking up early, knowing this crate is waiting for him will change everything. It contains a Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix, Dry Cured Bacon, Blueberry Jam, Premium Artisan Coffee, and a 3-Pack Maple Syrup Sampler.

The Red Dawn

47. Moscow Mule Cocktail Set

Introducing The Red Dawn–a premier man crate for everything you need to make the perfect Moscow Mule. If that just happens to be your father’s favorite cocktail, then you don’t need to look any further. It includes: Moscow Mule Ginger Syrup, a Cocktail Shaker, 1 and 2 oz. Jigger, Two Solid Copper Mugs, and of course a Moscow Mule Recipe Card.

The Hair of the Dog

48. Bloody Mary Done Right

The Hair of the Dog is pretty straightforward. It includes all you need to create the perfect Bloody Mary, whenever you feel like it. Grab this crate for your dad! It includes two Libbey Endeavor Highball Glasses, Naturally Flavored Bloody Mary Salt Mix, Texas Pete Hot Sauce, and Filthy Foods Gourmet Cocktail Olives. Pick one from the Classic Bloody Mary Mix or the Chilies & Peppers Bloody Mary Mix as your base, which are both also included.

Sour Mash

49. Whiskey Sour Cocktail Set

If your man is a fan of cocktails, then we’ve got just the right gift for him. The Sour Mash from Broquet is a complete kit of everything he needs to whip up his favorite sour drinks anytime. It comes with: Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup, a Fox Run cocktail shaker, a 1/2 and 1 oz jigger, a lemon reamer, and 2 Libbey glasses. Now he can drink in style even at home!

Bourbon Tasting Kit Drink Broquet

50. Premium Bourbon Tasting Kit

Let your dad drink in style with this Bourbon Tasting Kit, which includes 4 Bourbon Tasting Glasses, Kentucky Bourbon Trail Wooden Tasting Flight, 9 Classic Whiskey Stones, 2 Stainless Steel Jigger (1oz & 1.25oz), and a Stainless Steel Ice Tong.