5 Unique and Practical Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Enjoy

Giving practical gifts can either be a really fun or really stressful experience for you. Some people just love to plan for their friends or family’s preferences, hunting down a gift that’s just right for each individual. On the other hand, there are people who hate big holidays like Christmas. These people hate shopping as much as they hate thinking about what their sister wants under the Christmas tree.

Whichever group of people you belong to, we’re here to make the process easier and more personalized for you! We’ve listed down a few gifts that are not just fun and useful – these are also highly customizable so you can be sure that they’ll reflect your loved one’s likes and personality. These are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, job promotions, graduations, anniversaries, and other momentous occasions. Here are 5 unique and practical gifts your loved ones will enjoy.

Unique and Practical Gifts for Friends and Family

1. For Extremely Funny Political Nights

They often tell us – don’t make everything political. Or “we can have different beliefs but still get along”. And while the sentiment behind these is well-intentioned, they don’t always pan out the way we want them to.

Friends playing Hex Cup game

That’s probably the total opposite of this Hex Cup game set. As you can see, they waste no time dilly-dallying and straight-up painted the faces of former presidents Trump and Obama on the ping pong balls. Your friends will definitely enjoy this gift set if they have a good sense of humor. Whether they are Republicans or Democrats, it doesn’t matter. The main goal here is to have some dirty fun with a classic drinking game that everyone loves.

It’s a great gift for people who love games and love to have fun. Make sure you tell them to invite you the next time they use the game set for a night of drinking and playing games!

2. For the Meat Lover

We all have that one person in our lives who just can’t stay away from meat. And we can’t blame them! You can either get them a really fancy grill that they can geek over, or you can go for a gift that keeps on giving (as long as you want it to).

BBQ Box: One of the most practical gifts for BBQ lovers

We’re a fan of gift subscriptions. They’re hassle-free, both for the gifter and the recipient. Plus, because they (usually) come in once-a-month increments, you have enough time to make sure that the recipient is able to use up everything in the gift box before the next one comes in. This interval also makes sure that they don’t get bombarded by the same thing too quickly and too often. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. And we believe that applies to meat too.

That’s why we just love the BBQ Box Gift Subscriptions. Each box includes a marinade or sauce, a rub or spice, a snack, premium wood chips, and custom recipes that your loved ones can replicate with ease at home.

3. For the Good Hoomans

If you’re looking for gifts for pet owners, you know your job is already half-done. They probably are the type of persons who would spend an unimaginable amount of money for their pets but will think twice about shopping for themselves.

Dog enjoying the Dapper Dog Box

The Woodland Forest Box is one of our go-to box sets when gifting to dog lovers. You can check out The Dapper Dog Box for more themed boxes, but this one is a safe bet, especially if you’re not particularly sure about your loved one’s (or their dog’s) personal preferences. It’s downright adorable. The contents of the box vary depending on the size option you picked, but here are some of what you can expect: 2 treats, toys, and 1 seasonal double-sided bandana!

4. For Bringing the Heat

Food is always a surefire win when giving gifts. But you’ve got to be mindful. You don’t want to give gifts that can get spoiled too soon. Ones that have a long shelf life are ideal because they don’t create a sense of pressure for the recipient to consume them all at once as soon as possible.

Guy eating spicy food

If your loved one is a fan of cooking, you can give them cooking or baking essentials in an aesthetically wrapped basket or box. If they like drinking (I mean, who doesn’t?), then a cheese-and-wine basket is a no-brainer.

In case they are firebreathers and can’t go a single meal without using chili powder, chili oil, hot sauce, pepper flakes, or other condiments that just bring the heat level up several notches, we’ve got just what you need.

The Fire Breather Hot Sauce Tasting Set includes all the spicy essentials: Lucky’s Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauce, Waterfront Ale House Hot Sauce, Formosa Habanero Hot Sauce, Hank’s Camouflage Hot Sauce, and a 33 Drops of Hot Sauce Tasting Notebook (a cheat sheet for tasting notes, heat levels of different spices, and different sauce brands).

This is just the perfect gift for that guy or gal in your life who loves to repeatedly boast about their tolerance for spicy food. Put that claim to the test and get them this box set that’ll test their real strength!

5. For the Gym Junkie

For our friends who are workout enthusiasts, it makes the most sense to get them something they can enjoy and use during their gym sessions. Getting them a new set of weights, workout apparel, a smoothie blender, running shoes, and other workout accessories is a great idea overall. If that’s where your mind’s at, then you’re on a great track.

Spartan Carton: One of the most practical gifts for men who love lifting

But what do you get someone who – most likely – has all of these? Again, this is where monthly subscription sets come in handy. They present high-value items that are unique and can’t be found in just any other sporting goods store. Plus, you can choose what specific things come with them each month.

A good example is the Spartan Carton. The name itself already sends chills down our spines. It is ideal for advanced athletes or workout buddies. Surprise them with a box set that contains 3 healthy snacks, 3 supplements, workout swag and apparel, EDC items, ready-to-drink products, and high-end fitness gear.

You can totally personalize the box and control how many months the subscription will last. So there’s no scary long-term commitment. And who knows? They might love it so much, they can end up asking to continue the subscription themselves.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed this post! Which gifts did you love the most, and are you planning on sending them to your friends or family? Do you have other practical gift ideas that you want to share?