5 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Gift for the Man in your Life

Whatever the special occasion may be, choosing the perfect gift for him often makes for a daunting task. Knowing where to look for inspiration is half of the battle when it comes to men’s gifts, so we’re setting out to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Whether he’s a low-maintenance type of guy or he already has it all, putting a little extra thought into your gift will surely spark some excitement.

To help get the wheels turning, we compiled 5 tips to help you decide on creative gifts for him.

5 Great Tips in Choosing The Perfect Gift for Him

1. Listen to Him

Listen to Him

Any gift that beats frustration is a gift worth giving. Forget about going over the top and find something that’s just as functional as it is new and exciting.

Little tweaks to his daily routine, like a high-voltage wireless phone charger or a self-cleaning electric shaver, are sure to impress at the moment and bring new life to mundane rituals. 

2. “Upgrade” Him

“Upgrade” Him

Don’t just think about what he doesn’t have; consider what he does have that can perform better. Maybe it’s his favorite grilling tool or even just a tattered old belt.

Whatever is looking run-down in your man’s life, introducing him to version 2.0 will make for a much-loved gift.

3. The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

We’re not talking about a new watch. A memorable experience is just as much a gift as something you wrap in a box. The best part is that this can be anything he’s mentioned, you’ve talked about, or whatever really reflects his personality. One easy idea is a date to a distillery. Enjoy the day sampling fresh-from-the-barrel whiskey, and top it all off by bringing home his favorite taste of the day. It’s a gift and an experience wrapped in one.

4. Discover What’s Hot Right Now

Discover What’s Hot Right Now

Gadgets always make for an exciting gift. Even if you don’t intend on surprising him with the new PS5, there are plenty of gadgets to uncover in the electronics store.

A new “smart plug” can have him feeling in charge of the house with the touch of a button, or a Google Home or Amazon Echo can offer him an obedient and attentive new friend.

5. Feed His Passions

Feed His Passions

Love and support of what interests him is a sure way to show him how much you care. Take notice of what he enjoys and play to those interests. You can always find relevant books or TV-box sets to accompany an area of interest, but one really “out of the box” way is a subscription box.

Whether it’s socks or cigars, camping or building, there are options available to suit (and surprise) any manly man’s favorite hobby.

Gift-giving is a real joy when you’ve got the right idea. When you’re jaded from all your time together or he just won’t give you any hints, you’ll have to look a little deeper for inspiration. If you understand what makes your man tick, you’re on the right track to finding meaningful gifts for him that will truly blow him away.

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