Celebrate National Dog Moms’ Day This

We all celebrate Mother’s Day in May, and many people believe that pet moms belong to this holiday tradition, too. However, for several dog moms, the need for their own celebration is imminent. The dog-loving community looks forward to the relatively new holiday, National Dog Mom’s Day, which takes place every second Saturday of May. The day gives dog moms the recognition they deserve, as well as their beloved pups.

When Is National Dog Mom’s Day 2022

National Dog Mom’s Day is celebrated every second Saturday of May. And this 2022, this day falls on May 14.

National Dog Mom’s Day

Unlike Mother’s Day, this holiday is quite new. It was pioneered by the people behind Dig, a dating app that’s focused solely on individuals with dogs. But this creation of a holiday didn’t simply come out of nowhere — it was a culmination of several passionate social media and blog posts from people all over the world who exclaimed their need for an official celebration for dog parents. And as such, Dog Moms’ Day was created. It was officially listed in the National Day Calendar back in 2018, and every fur mom has been celebrating it ever since.

According to a Washington Post report in 2016, more and more people are choosing to have pets than to be in relationships. The report said that ¾ of Americans in their prime childbearing years own dogs. Millennials are also half as likely to have a live-in partner or spouse, which is directly related to them owning pets.

It’s true that many people – more so, women – are picking dogs instead of bearing kids and/or having long-term relationships. Of course, many factors come into play and should be considered. We are certain of one thing, though: dog moms are just as passionate, caring, loving, and committed to their dogs as regular moms are to their children. They’ll surely go beyond limits to make sure their pups are happy and healthy. 

Being a dog mom is a fulfilling but challenging role, and it is high time that dog moms all over the world are recognized and celebrated.

How to Celebrate National Dog Mom Day 2023

How to celebrate National Dog Mom's Day with your pup

The canine-centric holiday isn’t as different as Mother’s Day. We can celebrate it by spending the day with our loved ones, friends, family, and, of course, our beloved dogs. Preparing a simple feast (for man and dog) can highlight the holiday by enjoying a meal or two with those we love. Catching up, seeing our dogs play around, and simply spending quality time with each other are all amazing ways to celebrate the day.

If you have other dog moms in your circle, invite them over and have a theme party. It can be a play date between your pets, while the dog owners can have a few drinks, play a few games, and have fun. 

But of course, no holiday is complete without gift-giving. But don’t worry if you haven’t had the chance to finish your shopping yet, we’ve curated the best gifts for dog moms for you. So sit back, relax, and take your pick from these gifts for National Dog Moms’ Day.

7 Special & Fun Dog Mom Gifts

Husband and dog with a mom holding a gift

Take a look at these great gifts for dog moms. We’re sure your dog-loving friends will enjoy receiving these on their special day!

I’m Only Talking to My Dog Today Tee

Sometimes, all you have to do is go to the basics. And nothing is as basic – and effective – like a good old graphic tee. But in this case, it’s what’s written on the t-shirt that counts. If you have a friend who’s a big fan of funny graphic tees, statement tees, or vintage-style tees, then this gift will be a surefire hit. Plus, it’s available in several colors to choose from.

Tee, mug, and dog camera: Great gifts for mom on National Dog Mom's Day

Best Dog Mom Ever Coffee Mug

Another instant hit? Statement mugs. This is a great last-minute gift because you can order and ship it in a few days, and it will still feel personal and unique. However, you need to be 100% sure that your friend doesn’t already have one. If she’s a big, big dog person, chances are she already has a lot of dog-related merch around! 

Furbo Dog Camera

One thing that moms of babies and moms of dogs have in common is the difficulty they go through whenever they attempt to take photos of their little ones. If they’re trying to snap pictures of just the right pose without the dog moving, looking away, or changing position, they’ll need a bit of help. 

But they don’t really need to go to a professional photographer or studio. This dog camera from Furbo makes the process a little easier for dog parents everywhere. It comes with an app that lets you throw treats towards your dog while you take photos, letting you land that perfect smile. 

In addition to this, it’s also a surveillance camera and night vision camera. Connect it to your phone and you can live stream the feed directly, anywhere, anytime. This camera is so cool, it was even

featured on Ellen!

Dapper and Stylish Bandanas

Dapper Dog bandanas and treats

Just because it’s moms’ day doesn’t mean you can’t give them something for their dogs. In fact, dog moms would even prefer you give them gifts for their dogs instead of themselves. And if your friend is someone who’s incredibly fashionable and stylish, you will score big points by getting them these Dapper Bandanas.

Choose from a wide range of styles and colors. No matter what the occasion is, what the weather outside is, or how the dog is feeling, there’s one bandana to keep them in style.

Yummy & Healthy Treats

Another big hit for dogs and dog moms are treats they can enjoy immediately. But don’t just go for any other treat you see in stores. Go for safe, healthy, but delicious treats. The Dapper Dog Box has several dog treats to choose from. Take your pick from cookies, flavored bones, peanut butter chewies, cake mix, dental treats, biscuits, and so much more!

Fun & Exciting Toys

What’s a holiday without receiving toys as gifts? Plus, you’ll know the dogs will enjoy them. Make sure you choose a toy that’s right for the dog’s size and chewing habits, otherwise they can end up breaking the toy instantly instead of enjoying it for months to come.

Get fetch toys, nylon toys, plushies, rope toys, chewable toys, balls, dental toys, and a lot more from The Dapper Dog’s toy collection.

The Dapper Dog Box

We’re saving the best for last, of course. The Dapper Dog Subscription Box is a great gift if you prefer great value. It also shows your loved ones and their dogs that you put a lot of thought into your gift. It is something that’s both fun and functional for them. Plus, you can choose to run the subscription for as long as you want. The recipient receives it every month.

Choose exactly what you put into the box depending on the dog’s size and breed, allergy information, chewing habits, and other preferences.

Woman hugging her dog

There you have it! We wish everyone a very happy and fun-filled National Dog Moms’ Day this year! We hope every dog mom and dog baby have a great holiday filled with love and treats.