50 Best Father's Day Gifts for A New Dad Who Deserves a Little Pampering

There is no doubt that Father’s Day is a very special day for new dads. They are finally able to experience the joy of parenthood, and they deserve a little extra love and attention. But it can be challenging to find the perfect Father’s Day gifts for a new Dad!

This Father’s Day 2022, surprise the new dad in your life with a little pampering. He will appreciate that you are taking an interest in his well-being, and he’ll love being able to relax for a bit.

What Are The Best Gifts for New Dads?

Father’s Day is a time for dads to be celebrated and pampered. It’s also the perfect opportunity to give a gift that will make dad feel like he’s getting the royal treatment. The best gifts for new Dads are something they can use every day, so we have rounded up some of our favorites.

The man in your life deserves more than just another tie this Father’s Day! Here are 7 things he will love getting on his special day:

1. Father’s Day Gift Baskets

This is a gift that includes all the things Dad will love, like snacks and drinks barware. This is a thoughtful gift to show how much he means to you on this special day!

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit would be a great gift for the dad who loves to entertain. This kit includes all the tools needed to mix his favorite drinks.

If Dad is known for his incredible taste, the Exotic Meat Crate might be exactly what you’re looking for. This gift crate for dad includes a selection of exotic meats from around the world.

Other popular Father’s Day gift baskets include the Ultimate Bacon Gift Set for the bacon fanatic dad and the Gourmet Hot Sauce Gift Crate for the adventurous dad.

2. Personalized Dad Drinking Glasses

It’s a great idea to tell the new Dad in your life how much you appreciate him on Father’s Day – he deserves better than the typical tie. In addition, personalized Dad drinking glasses are the perfect option for him, as they are both unique and fun.

3. Personalized Beer Glasses

A personalized beer glass is a fabulous idea for the dad who enjoys sharing a beer with friends, especially on holidays and special occasions. The cool glasses are personalized with your Dad’s name or a personal quote he likes.

4. Personalized Coasters

Whether he is the type of man who loves beer or always drinks, the personalized coaster will be an excellent addition to his bar or kitchen. These coasters come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find a set that matches your father’s personality.

5. Barbecue Subscription Box for The Master Griller

A BBQ box can be the perfect way to say thank you for all that he does for you and your family, especially if he’s into cooking. The contents of a barbecue box vary depending on what your husband likes. Different sauces or rubs may be included as well as a selection of premium wood chips and BBQ recipe ideas.

6. Personalized Tumbler

A personalized tumbler is a great way to show dad how much you appreciate him. It’s a way for him to enjoy his favorite drink time. And lastly, personalizing the tumbler will show dad just how much you treasure and thought of him.

7. A Dog Box

Now, how about a Dog Box for Dad? This special present is sure to be a hit with any pet-loving Dad. It’s the perfect way to show him how much you love him and his furry best friend!

What do first-time Dads need?

First-time Dads will appreciate a gift that can help them feel more confident and prepared. They need a gift that’s practical, but also fun and keeps them feeling connected to their baby.

Here are some gifts that are sure to be favorites with first-time Dads:

Best First Father’s Day Gifts for A New Dad

Father’s Day is coming up, and here are some gift ideas for new dads that are sure to be a hit. Whether you want to show off your love by giving the first Father’s Day gift or just trying to find the perfect present for the new Dad in your life, you’re going to have fun shopping for these great gifts.

8. Beer Baby Bottle T-Shirt

A cool and funny shirt for a new dad who loves beer as much as he loves his new baby. This shirt is perfect for a father who likes to crack jokes and have a good time.

9. Daddy and Daughter Matching Outfits

A lot of people have the misconception that fathers don’t want to dress up their daughters, but that’s not true! Some dads want to get in on the fun too with a Daddy-Daughter matching outfit.

10. Daddy and Son Matching Outfits

A dad and son duo wearing matching outfits will be the talk of any event they attend. Pick out a couple of outfits that are comfortable and will make them look good.

11. The New Dad’s Survival Guide Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers

Finally: a manual for new dads that deconstructs the mysterious and confusing world of fatherhood and provides crucial tips and advice from a dad’s point of view. No psycho-babble, no warm fuzzies — just a hilarious (and surprisingly practical) military-style guide to surviving and thriving through even the queasiest moments of pregnancy, childbirth, and babyhood.

12. Bib Beard Apron

Babies hate facial hair, so even if he’s a lumberjack, it’s probably best to shave. This beard bib apron is a funny way to remind him he needs to shave while your bathroom clean and clog-free.

13. Back Neck Shoulder Massager

He may be exhausted, but he’s not complaining. A back, neck, and shoulder massager will make him feel like he’s being pampered at a spa while he’s actually doing something as mundane as changing diapers.

14. Baby Monitor with True Crying Detection

New dads are great at everything else, why can’t they hear their baby? A new dad’s life is made easier with a baby monitor that detects crying and alerts him to his baby’s needs.

15. Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag

All the struggle of diaper bags, wipes, baby food, and bottles that he needs to carry around at all times is enough to make any dad feel like a pack mule. This Multi-function Baby Diaper Bag will take some of the weight off his shoulders.

16. The Ultimate Baby Book for New Dads

Is there anything more challenging than raising a newborn? This ultimate survival guide for first-time dads is filled with all the information and advice new dads need to survive their baby’s first year.

17. 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie

He would love to have this 2-in-1 Reversible Backpack Hoodie as his regular hoodie he uses every day and turn it into a backpack for a trip or to use as a diaper bag.

18. Car Mount Phone Holder 

If he only wants something that mounts quickly and holds his phone securely while driving, this car mount phone holder is a great gift and won’t break the bank.

19. Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

The wireless mobile photo mini printer is an easy but fantastic way if he loves taking baby photos and wants to keep physical copies, making it a great way of preserving memories.

20. Cold Brew, Double Espresso

Cold Brew, Double Espresso is strong and simple but never bitter. It’s also great for those hard-working dads who need that extra boost of caffeine to get through the day.

21. Father’s Day Card

Show him how much he means to you and remind him of all the times that he was there for you when no one else would be with a Father’s Day Card. Make this Father’s Day extra special for him with a heartfelt message from you.

22. Personalized Engraved Wooden Watch

Unique enough to make a statement, but not too bold to be overbearing. This personalized engraved wooden watch makes an exceptional gift for any dad who likes to keep up with time while looking stylish.

23. May All The Roads Lead You Back Home to Me Keychain

May All the Roads Lead You Back Home to Me keychain is a classic reminder that he can always come home to you in times of success or sorrow. This keychain is an ideal Father’s Day gift for the dad who has everything but needs you, to remind him that no matter how far he goes or what he does, you’ll always be there for him.

24. Hot Sauce Kit

If he loves spicy foods, then this Hot Sauce Kit is the perfect gift for your favorite hot sauce lover. He’ll be able to enjoy a variety of flavors with this great assortment of everything he needs in a fun spicy package!

25. Garden Tools Set

garden tools set may not be something that is at the forefront of your mind when shopping for Father’s Day, but it can make a really thoughtful gift for the new Dad in your life. What better way to say “I love you” than by giving him the gift of a well-kept garden.

Gifts for New Dads from Wife

Hubby deserves a little pampering for being so patient during your pregnancy and then having to take care of your little one. The best gifts for new dads from wife are ones that make his life easier, especially if he’s a first-time dad who doesn’t know what to expect.

26. Dad Since 202_ Whiskey Glass

He deserves something he can brag about and share with his buddies. The beautifully engraved Dad Since 202_ whiskey glass is is a keepsake he’ll treasure forever and can use to enjoy his favorite beverage while watching the big game or just hanging out with friends.

27. Dad Jokes for New Dads

What about something unique? Something funny?! This book is full of jokes that are perfect for new dads. Every dad should have a collection of hilarious and embarrassing jokes that he can pull out on his kids anytime or use as part of an activity for family night.

28. Fun New Parents Decision Coin 

Who’s turn to change nappy? Is it mommy or is it daddy? What if there’s a fun way to avoid all this drama by using the decision coins instead? Boom! No more arguing, no more fighting over who gets to put their hands near that nasty poopy butt.

29. Letters to My Baby

If he’s the poetic type, he’ll love this idea. He can write letters to your baby and save them for when your little one is all grown up. This way, he can remind your child how much he loved them as a baby.

30. Hello My NEW Name Is Daddy Mug

This adorable mug will make your husband smile every morning knowing he’s starting a new chapter in his life as a dad.

31. Kangaroo Dad T-Shirt

With this Kangaroo Dad T-shirt, he can comfort his newborn baby easily, thanks to the safe and expandable pouch, which holds your baby firmly against his chest.

32. Papa Bear Slipper

Your husband’s feet and toes will love the comfort that these fluffy slippers offer while the rest of him will love the fact that they’re so darn cute.

33. Dad Crystal Keepsake

An inspirational gift for your husband, this Dad crystal keepsake will make him feel appreciated every time he sees it. It has a quote engraved that says, “Thanks for being someone I can look up to”, which is the perfect way to say “I love you”.

34. Personalized Wood Picture Frame

The wooden picture frame allows you to share your family memories in a unique way. It’s a great way to preserve your family’s special moments and presents them beautifully.

35. Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

This wooden wall-mounted bottle opener is a thoughtful gift for the man who loves to entertain his friends and family members at home. You can customize it with your husband’s name or any other personalization so he’ll always have something special in his kitchen!

New Dad Gifts from Mom

This Father’s Day, make sure to get your son (or the new Dad in your life!) a gift he deserves by checking out these exclusive items featured on Mom’s Picks for Father’s Day this year.

36. Don’t Do Stupid Shit Keychain

This “Don’t Do Stupid Shit” keychain makes a great gift for your son who just turned into a dad. Your son will always have this reminder to stay out of trouble!

37. Mini Massage Gun

The new dad who takes the time for himself to relax, recharge, and enjoy his first few unsullied moments with his firstborn will be very happy that you got him this mini-massage gun. It’s a great way for him to decompress after a full day of the strain of looking after the newborn!

38. Sleep Aid Device

Help your son get a good night’s sleep with this great sleep aid device. It makes him feel like you care about his health and well-being.

39. All-in-One Trimmer

He will feel so much more confident and will look better when he’s groomed with this all-in-one trimmer. It comes with everything he needs to keep his beard trimmed, neat, and tidy!

40. Personalized Nightstand Organizer

Your son will start and end his day in style with a personalized nightstand organizer to keep all of his personal belongings organized. Make your son’s room a little more stylish with a thoughtful, personal gift.

41. Freeze Beer Glass

Surprise your beer-loving son with this freeze beer glass that keeps his favorite brew cold and fresh. No more warm beers on vacation or while he enjoys a cold one after a long day of parenthood.

42. Minipresso Coffee Espresso Machine

This Minipresso Espresso machine is perfect if he wants something small enough to fit on a desk, so it won’t take up too much counter space and can be easily stashed when not in use. Whether he likes espresso or regular coffee, this machine will make sure his daily caffeine fix tastes amazing!

43. Acupuncture Massage Slippers

It’s time for him to take a break from the daily grind. Help him relax and recharge with this acupuncture massage slippers. His feet will feel better and more relaxed than ever before, leaving him ready to take on the day ahead.

44. Smart Plug

This Smart plug is the perfect tool for new Dads who want to spend less time getting out of bed and more time with their family. He can now just ask Alexa to turn on or off TV, DVR, and more without getting out of bed!

45. Dad Bag Fake Beer Belly Waist

Perfect for the new dad who has found himself a little embarrassed about his changing body and new responsibilities. He’ll surely laugh every time he wears this fake beer belly bag!

Personalized First Time Dad Gifts

Some of the most meaningful and treasured gifts you give a new dad are those that help him feel even more special than he already does. New fathers are usually very proud of the new role they have taken on, and gifts that help remind them how important their job is will make an excellent gift.

46. Personalized Tumbler

The personalized tumbler is a great way to show him how much you appreciate all the hard work he does. He can use it to keep his favorite drink warm or cold, and it’s easy to clean, so he’ll always have a fresh cup.

47. Personalized Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

A personalized Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit could be an awesome Father’s Day gift for the new dad. It’s a great way to show him that you’re thinking of him while also giving him a delicious cocktail kit. The kit can be personalized with his name on the glasses so he’ll know it was made just for him!

48. Personalized Beer Glass

He’ll love drinking beer from this personalized beer glass that’s specifically designed for him. Engrave his name, a quote, or any message that fits his personality onto the glass and he’ll be able to enjoy his favorite brew in style.

49. Personalized Bamboo Coasters

This set of bamboo coasters will make him feel like the most spoiled man in the world. They’re eco-friendly and personal so they’ll be perfect for any coffee, tea, or beer lover Dad!

50. Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Help him get through the day with a gift he’ll enjoy. This whiskey glass is a unique gift for the new Dad, perfect to help him welcome his bundle of joy.

How do you make the first Father’s Day special?

The first Father’s Day is a special day to celebrate the man who has received their first-ever bundle of joy. There are many ways to make it memorable, and it is important to personalize it based on what he enjoys.

If he loves spending time outdoors, take him on a hike or fishing trip on a Father’s Day weekend. If he prefers staying indoors, maybe plan on watching Father’s Day movies. No matter what you choose, be sure to spend quality time with him and let him know how much he means to you.

You can also create a card with these Father’s Day card ideas that funny quotes about Dad or Bible verses for Father’s Day. You can also surprise him with personalized Father’s Day gifts on a Father’s Day weekend.

Making the first Father’s Day special can be easy if you put some thought into it. Think about what he enjoys and try to find an activity that suits his interests. Still, spending time together is always the most important thing!

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Dad the best Father’s Day gift today! Don’t forget to check out the rest of our Father’s Day gift guides about Father’s Day gift ideasunique gifts for Dad, Father’s Day gift basket, unique gifts for Father’s Day, last-minute gifts for Father’s Day, Father’s Day gifts for Grandpa, Father’s Day gifts homemade, Father’s Day gift to Husband, Cool gifts for Father’s Day, Gift ideas for Father’s Day from Wife, and Stepdad gifts for Father’s Day.