40 Easter Gift Ideas for Adults that Everyone Will Love

Easter is just around the corner — not to mention spring in general. And with that in mind, we thought we should share some great gift ideas with all of you. So, whether you’re looking for something special for family or friends, keep reading and find out what Easter gift ideas for adults we recommend.

When should you give Easter gifts?

When it comes to holidays, we tend to think of Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. But Easter is a huge holiday for some people. Easter is the day when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s usually in March or April, following Lent, which is a season of fasting and repentance. It’s also a big day for bunnies and chocolate eggs.

For Christians, it’s one of the most important days on the calendar. They often celebrate by exchanging gifts with their families and friends. This can include anything from new outfits to jewelry to chocolate eggs.

Spokeswoman Victoria Spada says Easter is a popular holiday for giving gifts, because it is after Christmas. Most people finish their Lent fast on Maundy Thursday; others end it on Holy Saturday or Easter Sunday. It’s not a good idea to give your gift before Easter Sunday. Give your gift on that day itself.

What can you give for Easter instead of candy?

Candy is not the only thing that you can give for Easter, there are many other options that you can choose from. If you have a friend or family member who is always on the go, then this list will give you some great ideas for Easter gifts.

Personalized Bamboo Grill Set

1) Personalized Bamboo Grill Set

Finding gifts for food lovers that are hard to shop for can be tricky since they already know their way around the kitchen, and they know just about everything there is to know about food.

When it comes to them, look no further for the most thoughtful and unique presents to spoil your friends and family this gift-giving season. Simply think of something useful in which they can incorporate into their cooking just like this personalized bamboo grill set.

Easter Basket Filler (Jerky Mangram) 

2) Easter Basket Filler (Jerky Mangram) 

If you simply don’t want to give candy for Easter, there are plenty of non-candy Easter basket alternatives. A family jerky Mangram, like this one here, can be the perfect addition to any Easter basket.

Travel Easter Basket

3) Travel Easter Basket

Who doesn’t love to travel? Well, the simplest way to give your adventurous loved one a memorable gift is by giving them a plane ticket and/or a travel voucher so they can go where their heart desires. 

If you want to add on to the gift, you can stuff your adventurous friend’s carry-on duffel bag with new luggage tags, in-flight skincare kit, etc. That way, they’ll remember you every time they reach for their bag and find these gifts inside!

Bunny Storage Jars

4) Bunny Storage Jars

Bunny jars are a charming way to store gift items. Fill with whatever you like, such as craft supplies, baked goods, homemade jam, or pretty much anything you can think of that would fit. Perhaps even some homemade bath salts or body lotion.

What do you get for a man this Easter?

For the man who has everything, an Easter basket may not seem like much. A gift basket of his favorite treats and stuff are the perfect way to show him your love and appreciation.

Hot Sauce and Rubs Set 

5) Hot Sauce and Rubs Set 

This barbecue rubs gift set contains hot sauces and rubs for a true foodie. The ultimate foodie in your life will surely be surprised by this special gift. This is the perfect gift for those who want to spice things up!

Personalized Cocktail Whiskey Glass Set

6) Personalized Cocktail Whiskey Glass Set

Looking for the ultimate whiskey glass set? These glasses are specially crafted, beautifully designed with customized initials, and will leave you feeling ultra-stylish even as you enjoy your favorite whiskey. After all, little luxuries make life more enjoyable. Your man will definitely be thrilled to receive their personalized whiskey glass!

Liquor Nuts Tin Gift Set

7)  Liquor Nuts Tin Gift Set

Make your Easter celebration complete with this ultimate set of fine snacks. As a luxury token of your love, the liquor nuts gift set will sweep your man off his feet.

Breakfast essentials gift set

8) The Wake and Bacon

Who says breakfast is only for the morning? This gift includes an assortment of breakfast staples and is perfect for snoozing whenever you feel like it. This thoughtful breakfast gift idea won’t steer you wrong—anyone who enjoys their mornings will appreciate what’s inside this reusable crate!

What can I get for Easter instead of chocolate? 

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Easter. Sure, you may not get to hunt for eggs or eat jelly beans anymore but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun. There are tons of Easter-themed gifts out there and if you know where to look, you can find something for everyone on your list.

Bunny Scrunchies

9) ‘The Bunny’ Set of Silk Hairties

No more worries, these ties are perfect for daily use. This cute and festive floppy silk bunny scrunchy is on trend with the latest hair accessories and will help prevent your hair from breaking. 

They’re gentle on your hair and they prevent tugging and creasing. They are also great when you need to remove your makeup or wash your face. They are fashionable, too, so you can wear them on your wrist when you go out.

Bunny Serving Platters

10) Serving Platters

Adulting sure does make you excited about purchasing things for your home, like bunny serving platter and other kitchenware. It’s a perfect gift—one that any adult would love to have, particularly if they’re obsessed with collecting kitchenware. Plus, it comes with a cute bunny design, which is perfect for Easter or spring.

Planners and Notepads

11) Weekly Priorities and Productivity Sticky Notepads

These items are great for those who struggle with prioritization or for those who just want to make sure their priorities are straight. Every week your priorities will be brought to the forefront of your mind. 

Productivity sticky notes should help you stay on track and get you to the results you seek in life.

Easter Candles

12) Easter Candles with attractive container

If you are looking for a special Easter gift for the family, look no further than our range of handmade candles. All candles are created using high-quality waxes and fragrances, with the same care and attention to detail that is expected from a luxury product.

Easter egg candles make wonderful personalized Easter gifts and can be personalized with names or messages in a variety of colors and come in different sizes and fragrances – so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. There is also a range of accessories that go well with the candles, such as diffusers, tealight holders, and more.

What can I get instead of Easter eggs? 

There are many different types of Easter gifts that adults will love. You can get the tools or healthy treats instead of the toys and candy we may be familiar with. Spruce up your Easter celebration with baskets filled with unique items instead of Easter eggs.

Marshmallow Bunny Pops

13) Marshmallow Bunny Pops

No one is too old nor too young for this one. It is perfect for you and your chocolate lover friends, it brings you back to your childhood. To avoid the hassle, you can just dye marshmallows instead of eggs.

Easter Egg Cake

14) Easter Egg Cake

The Easter holiday tradition would not be complete without a themed cake. To create an egg-citing cake, you will crack some eggs when you make the batter, but that is part of the fun of decorating it. To make a carrot cake for Easter, you can use orange food coloring and add shredded carrots for color contrast and texture.

Sewed festive pockets

15) Sewed festive pockets for Easter egg hunt

It is way more sustainable and environmentally friendly for it is plastic-free. It is a practical alternative to stinky eggshells. Additionally, you can even add treats inside. 

Easter Bath Bombs

16) Easter Bath Bombs 

Easter Bath Bombs are perfect as an Easter gift – a little bit of Easter fun in the bath! These are handmade and natural bath bombs that are suitable for all ages.

They come in a set, each featuring a different scent with moisturizing cocoa butter. The most recommended scents include (1) Lavender oil & lavender flowers, (2) Lemon oil & lemon peel, and (3) Tangerine oil & tangerine peel. These bombs are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Traditional Easter Gifts 

There are a number of things that you can get as traditional Easter gifts. You can get Easter baskets, which are filled with all sorts of goodies or items that your receiver will appreciate!

Traditional Easter Bread

17) Traditional Easter Bread

An Easter breakfast must-have is baked fresh with white and dark raisins and candied fruits soaked in rum. It is also perfect for brunch, over coffee and tea, or after-dinner dessert. 

It is handmade using the finest flour, real butter, and exotic spices, and filled with sultanas, raisins, candied lemon peel, candied orange peel, and sweet and bitter almonds, as well as, kneaded and formed into egg-shaped loaves, sugar-glazed, and then topped with almonds.

Hot Cross Buns

18) Hot Cross Buns

It is not only an ordinary pastry, in fact, they actually have an interesting and significant history behind them. Originally named for the cross on top, the seasonal British specialty is customarily made and enjoyed on Good Friday, when Jesus is said to have died on a cross, as well as Easter Sunday, the day he rose from the dead. Adorned with crosses as a religious reminder.

Easter Card

19) Easter Card

Easter cards are not solely for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. People used to send sweet greetings through Easter cards. It has become a tradition during Easter for decades.

Chocolate Eggs

20) Chocolate Eggs

We’ve never grown out of eating Easter candy. It would be a tragedy if you did. After all, when you think of the spring holiday, images of baskets filled with cute chocolate bunnies and pretty pastel eggs are among the first things that come to mind.

Easter gifts for her   

What can you get your lovely lady that she’ll truly appreciate this Easter? This is where we come in. Let us take some of the pressure off, and we’ll help you find a gift that’s sure to put a smile on her face.

Bunny Ring Holder

21) Bunny Ring Holder

Basically designed to hold rings and is ideal for those who love a subtle decoration. A bunny ring holder can be displayed all year round. This would be a great choice for her especially when she is a minimalist.

Peter Rabbit Stoneware

22) Peter Rabbit Stoneware

The ‘Peter Rabbit’ Stoneware Collection is the perfect gift this Easter! Hand-painted with little bunny rabbits in pretty springtime colors, it will brighten up any kitchen and put a smile on your face when you’re cooking!

This beautiful collection is sure to impress her this Easter. Don’t forget to treat yourself too!

Bee Linen Napkins

23) Bee Linen Napkins

If you want to stand out from the crowd this Easter and give her something she’ll really love, give her this set of linen dinner napkins with gold edge detailing and beaded bees—the perfect pair to the stoneware. You’ll love giving it to her as much as she’ll love using it.

Stitched Notebook Set

24) Stitched Notebook Set

This stitched notebook set gift idea would be perfect for her if she is someone who loves to share her thoughts by simply writing down notes. Somehow, it makes you connected to them. 

Gifts like this might be the reason why someone loves to bring back nostalgic memories that have happened in their lives.    

Easter gifts for him 

Don’t worry if you can’t afford to give your man a Ferrari for Easter. There are plenty of other things you could get him that he’d love, and none of them will break the bank either. Here are our suggestions for this year:

The Fire Breather

25) The Fire Breather

If your partner loves to try new foods and is a risk-taker in the kitchen, this hot sauce gift set will be a hit. They’ll thank you for creating an adrenaline rush with their taste buds they’ll never forget.

The Red Dawn

26) The Red Dawn

The Moscow Mule gift set is an ideal gift for your adventurous husband or father. The box contains two solid copper Moscow Mule mugs, a cocktail shaker, a 1 and 2 oz. Jigger, and a bottle of Moscow Mule Ginger Syrup.

The Ultimate BBQ Box 

27) The Ultimate BBQ Box 

This BBQ Box is perfect for your special someone! It includes a rub, sauce, jerky, and wood chips. There is also a custom recipe that uses your BBQ goodies.

The Call of the Wild

28) The Call of the Wild

This exotic meat crate will take your man or dad on the gastronomic adventure of a lifetime! He’ll never be the same after feasting on this treasure chest of exotic meats from around the world. This is the perfect gift for that adventurous person who’s always looking for the next big thrill.

Non-chocolate Easter gifts for Adults 

Easter is a chocolate lover’s dream, with eggs and bunnies and marshmallow chicks to satisfy every sweet tooth. But not everyone wants to spend the entire holiday eating candy, so we found some non-chocolate gifts that will delight the adults in your life.

Picnic Gift Basket

29) Picnic Gift Basket

Instead of giving and receiving chocolate gifts for Easter, try this picnic gift basket as a unique alternative. You can put everything you want for an alfresco treat into the basket, but without any chocolates. Adults will actually enjoy getting these gifts in their baskets on Easter.

Easter lilies

30) Easter lilies

Easter brunch deserves a beautiful bouquet. Giving flowers during Easter is a longstanding tradition for Christian cultures, especially with their fresh, vibrant colors and frequent new buds. White lilies are most associated with Easter, representing love and hope.

Easter Ham

31) Easter Ham

It is a traditional practice to eat ham at holiday meals, weddings, and other celebrations. Even though Europeans no longer follow the pre-Christian beliefs that led to this tradition, they still see ham as an important part of any special occasion. At Easter, many families in America serve ham as part of their dinner menu.

Bunny Succulent Basket

32) Bunny Succulent Basket

Ready for a springtime present that’s guaranteed to be green? These potted succulents make for an ideal Easter-themed gift that will still look great as a centerpiece in their home or office all year.

Homemade Easter gifts for adults 

Homemade Easter gifts are perfect for friends, family, and even coworkers. You can make gifts that are functional, like aprons or mugs; or something that is sentimental, like scrapbooks or photo albums. Making these gifts yourself gives them an extra special touch that’s personal and heartfelt.

Mini Easter Terrarium

33) Mini Easter Terrarium

Mini terrariums have been all the rage recently. They’re the perfect gift for a person who’s crazy about cute, bright, and colorful creatures and objects—or someone who wants to create a miniature ecosystem on his or her desk.

Carrot Cake Cookies

34) Carrot Cake Cookies

It’s a carrot cake… but in cookie form! They’re not just healthy, they’re easy to make too. In fact, carrot cake’s popularity during Easter is worldwide.

Paper Easter Basket

35) Paper Easter Basket

It’s as simple as pie. I could not deny the fact that these baskets are worth making, given that they’re good for the planet since they’re recyclable. They’re also an opportunity to finally take action on all the goodies you’ve been hoarding.

Origami Easter Bunnies

36) Origami Easter Bunnies

Same as their paper counterparts, these origami bunnies aren’t just cute, they’re also eco-friendly. They make perfect little baskets that you can fill with treats and include as place markers at Easter brunch. 

Easter gift ideas for elderly    

If you are looking for some Easter gift ideas for elderly people, you have come to the right place.

If you think about it, it’s really hard to invent some good Easter gift ideas for elderly people. I mean, what do you give to someone who has everything and is too old to enjoy anything? Here are some of the best Easter gift ideas for elderly people that I could find:

Vintage Easter Cards

37) Vintage Easter Cards

Based on my observation, the elderly tend not to be materialistic. Family gatherings and simple greetings on a special occasion are what matters to them already. In that way, you are reminding them that you still care about them with these beautiful vintage Easter cards.

Vintage Easter Circles

38) Vintage Easter Circles

It is something you can see in their collection. So, to add up, it may be random but why not try giving them this as a gift. They would be very happy to receive these for Easter. You can also explore adding vintage Easter egg ornaments to their collection.

Easter-themed blanket

39) Easter-themed blanket

An Easter blanket is a great decoration for Easter. This is a tradition in most families and elderly people love it. They can use it to decorate the living room and make it more colorful. Besides, they can also use it to cover themselves when they are sleeping or watching TV on the sofa. 

It is really useful especially when the elderly don’t want to turn on the air conditioner in summer. The elderly are also very interested in this kind of blanket because it reminds them of their childhood when they receive Easter eggs from their parents.

Any Easter Decorations

40) Any Easter Decorations

Elders prefer to buy decorations for their homes and so-called collections over buying things for themselves but are known to purchase decorations for significant events in their lives, no matter what kind of decoration that may be. 

These Easter decorations will always be greatly loved by them and will be memorable to them.

It’s hard to find a gift for an adult who has almost everything in life. We’ve curated these 40 Easter gift ideas that are sure to impress even the pickiest people on your list. Whether you’re looking for an Easter celebration gift for a partner, a relative, or an elder  – we’ve got something here that will leave them gushing over their new present.

Have a Happy Easter with your loved ones!

Finding the right gift is something that requires a lot of consideration before you take the plunge. Our advice? Think carefully about your gift receiver, or – in the case of Easter – their religious thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, it’s all about finding gifts they’ll really love, which will make the holiday that much better.

If you need more gift ideas, you might want to check these Easter basket ideas for adults. Make your Easter even more special this year by trying out these Easter party food ideas and easy Easter recipes. Don’t forget to set up the spring mood with these easter decorations for the table and DIY Easter decorations. Happy Easter everyone!