Every Easter, we bring back the tradition of the Easter egg hunt – of course, just for the kids. But with these fun and unique Easter basket ideas for adults, your loved ones do not have to be left out! It does not matter what your age is or if you are a kid at heart. We also have wonderful Easter wishes and recipes you can utilize to complete your Easter celebration.

What can I use for an Adult Easter Basket? 

I’ve seen the Easter Bunny deliver baskets made out of flowerpots, egg cartons, and pails. And I’ve seen baskets filled with everything from old socks to new clothes. But for the record, here are some adult Easter basket ideas that might make your springtime celebration a little more fun:

bucket as easter basket

1) Bucket

The bucket is one of the perfect alternatives for the usual Easter basket. Not only is it lightweight and easy to carry, but its depth can accommodate a lot of gifts. Also, since buckets are sold almost anywhere, you won’t have to wander around town hunting for cute baskets to put your Easter goodies inside.

umbrella as easter basket

2) Umbrella

Don’t toss your umbrella yet—it might still be useful. A broken one can stay at home and out of the way, but on special occasions, it can be a colorful accessory for an Easter basket. Just fill it with small gifts, tie it closed with a ribbon and you’re set.

mason jar as easter basket

3) Mason Jar

If you are not planning on filling a lot of baskets this Easter, consider putting together a mason jar basket instead. The size is big enough for all the essentials, like the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, but it’s small enough to be used as table decor.

rain boots as easter basket

4) A pair of Rain Boots

Spring has officially sprung, and if you want to upgrade your garden game this season, a pair of rain boots might be the cutest and springiest Easter basket we’ve seen to date. If you are eyeing a gardening toolset to be given as a gift then this would be a great addition to it. It is not only useful during rain and heavy floods, but is also perfect for the gardener in your life. You can simply add their favorite plant and they will surely appreciate it.

serving as as easter basket

5) Serving Bowl

You want to buy something nice for your chef friend and you would like to go with the perfect Easter basket. It is a perfect alternative to the traditional Easter basket and it is filled with all sorts of awesome kitchen items. The upside of this basket is that it’s not just for Easter. You can fill up the bowl with anything that will surely give a smile to the chef in your life.

What do you put in an Easter gift basket?

An Easter gift basket is a wonderful way to convey your best wishes to the people you love. Many people think that an Easter gift basket should be reserved for children. However, it can be a great surprise for any person regardless of age or gender.

What do you put in an Easter gift basket aside from chocolates and bunnies? While these are traditional elements of such a gift, there are many other items that can be included to make the gift more personal, fun, and interesting. Here are some ideas for making your Easter gift basket really special:

wine essentials

6) Wine and Wine Essentials  

No party is complete without a gift for your host. This essential wine gift set is perfect for wine lovers because it includes everything to please wine enthusiasts and beginners alike.


7) Mini Succulent

Succulents are widely known as a symbol of tenacity, strength, selflessness, and love. This makes the succulent an excellent choice for showing your unconditional love and devotion to the person you care about the most. Not to mention, succulents are quite budget-friendly. 

gourmet foods

8) Gourmet Foods

When choosing a gift, there is no better choice than mouth-watering chocolates, delicious pastry goods, and decadent truffles. Whether for your next business meeting or for a festive celebration, the finest of delicacies will create a rich experience for all.

9) Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts are the most enchanting kind. Whether it’s a simple handwritten letter or a favorite dish, the receiver’s heart will melt. They’re not easy to replicate, and they leave more of a personal connection than store-bought presents do.

chocolates in an easter basket

10) Chocolates

Chocolate is a decadent, sweet treat that everyone loves. It’s great for creating lasting memories and traditions within families when it’s given as a gift. The act of giving chocolate says, “I love you” to the recipient. Chocolate is a thoughtful and affordable luxury that everyone enjoys.

11) Snacks as Fillers

If you simply don’t want to give candy for Easter, there are plenty of non-candy Easter basket alternatives. A Jerky Mangram, like this one here, can be the perfect addition to any Easter basket. It’s a unique gift that carries a lot of thought and will last long after the chocolate is gone!

What do you put in the Women’s Easter Basket?  

It’s that time of year again, the most special day in the Christian church calendar is nearly upon us. If you are like me, then you have no idea what to get your significant other for Easter. Why not give her a sweet treat she will love? The following guide will help you to find something your special lady will enjoy this Easter.

beauty hamper

12) Beauty Set or Pamper Hamper

Pamper hampers are popular gifts for anyone of any gender who is looking for some “me time”. Pamper hampers can be given on occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and even on Easter Sunday celebrations. Any relaxation or pampering skin and beauty items can be placed in this pamper hamper.

easter flowers

13) Easter Flowers 

Flowers are always the perfect gift. No matter what the occasion, a bouquet of flowers will make any woman’s heart skip a beat. Whether presented at an intimate dinner or as a surprise on her desk at work, every woman will love being gifted with flowers. It’s an extravagance that shows you care enough to spend your hard-earned money on someone special.

chocolates and snacks

14) Chocolates and Snacks

It is common for chocolate to be a favorite indulgence for people of every gender. When it comes to edible gifts to make the special women in your life feel good, chocolate is everyone’s go-to treat.

Chocolate is an indulgence in every sense of the word. It represents decadence, as well as a feeling of being spoiled. Fill that basket with luxury items and all the things she will love most.

garden tool set

15) Garden Tool Set

Women can benefit from the right tools for the job—especially when it comes to gardening. A study has shown that women use garden tools differently from men and that they are more likely to be doing gardening in a household. For example, women tend to select tools based on their fitness, age, weight, height, and use.

alocoholic drinks

16) Alcoholic Drinks

Admit it, there are women who love drinking sangria. One of their favorites is sangria, a typical drink from Portugal and Spain. Put all of these ingredients in the basket: lemon slices, lime slices, orange slices, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, and mangoes. 

What do you put in a Man’s Easter Basket?

The holiday season is upon us once again and it’s time to start thinking about creating the perfect Easter basket for your man. If you are anything like me, you can’t just go pick up an Easter basket at any old store and call it a day. You want to be sure that the contents of that basket will make his heart jump with joy!

pamper hamper for men

17) Men’s Spa Set / Pamper Hamper 

Men might be hesitant to admit that they love getting pampered, but we’re confident this is only because it makes them feel embarrassed. So don’t hold back on doing something special for your hardworking man. He deserves to feel like a million bucks. I promise he will thank you for it.

alcoholic drinks & personalized glass

18) Alcoholic Drinks & Personalized Glass

Give the gift of alcohol to celebrate. Fill up the basket with his favorite luxury drinks and a personalized glass. This will certainly be appreciated by men especially when there are celebrations. Add alcohol accessories like a bottle opener or a corkscrew to make the experience even more fun.

homemade dish

19) Homemade Dish

Nothing says I love you like a handmade gift. If you’re stuck and can’t think of anything to give him, think about making something with your own two hands. Your boyfriend will melt when he sees the effort you put into your gift; he’ll appreciate you for it. And it’s a bonus that it’s something for him to snack on!

food /snacks basket

20) Food / Snacks

Drinking alcohol would not be complete without something to munch on. This is the perfect pair for it. Choose the food/snacks that would best suit his drinks. Or you can fill it with his favorite snacks, you know him better than the pre-packaged gift set.

flowers for men

21) Flowers

Men are no exception in receiving flowers. Gone are the days when it seemed unusual for a guy to receive a big, beautiful bouquet. In fact, men enjoy receiving flowers, but stereotypical ideas about certain colors are still prevalent in today’s culture. Guys tend to like robust flowers with a solid, strong structure.

What can I use instead of a Basket for a Gift Basket? 

A basket has been used for many years to hold items that are given as a gift. As time has gone on, the basket has taken different shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, it is no longer made of just natural materials but also of more modern ones. If a basket is not available or you want to add something new, there are other options that can be used instead:

makeup bag

22) Makeup Bag

If you are looking for something fun, creative and out of the box to use as an Easter basket that is not actually a basket then this is the right option for you. Aside from it being practical, it also comes in very handy. It allows you to put the gifts in an organized manner. Makeup bags are not just for women because we all know some men already wear makeup too.

colander with chef essentials

23) Colander

This basket is the perfect gift for foodies. A combination of pasta, baking, and other cooking-related items, it comes in a beautiful basket that can be used year-round. It is the ideal present for bridal showers, anniversaries, and other special occasions. It will be useful even beyond the Easter celebration.

popcorn container with gift items

24) Popcorn Containers

Ideal for movie lovers. Take them on a movie date night as a celebration for Easter. It works well for movie-themed gift baskets or for anyone who just loves popcorn. Fill it with their favorite snacks and beverages.

cookie jar

25) Cookie Jar

It’s best to keep your cookies in a jar, rather than the mason jar. Fill it with homemade cookies, if you make them, and give it as an Easter gift; it will be a good way to start the holiday. To add an extra touch, use a jar that has a lid; this will keep the cookies smelling fresh. You may want to tie ribbons or tags on the handle of the jar; this will make it easy for people to carry.

paper bag as easter gift container

26) Paper Bag

You can still make a magical Easter basket out of things you have lying around the house just like a simple paper bag.  All you have to do is fill the bags, snip the tops into bunny ears, secure them with ribbon, and glue a cotton ball tail onto each one. This is a very easy and cheap way to make an Easter basket. Also, it does not take much time.

How do you make a Good Gift Basket?

If you want to make a good gift basket, you have to go beyond just buying a few standard items and throwing them together. A good gift basket requires some thought.

You have to think about who will be getting the gift basket. What do they like? What are their hobbies? For instance, if they enjoy gardening, a good idea would be to include some gardening tools or gardening gloves. If they enjoy cooking, consider adding some seasoning or baking mixes. We also have some ideas you may want to consider:

gift basket

27) “A Little Something” gift basket

This is no ordinary gift basket. From celebrating a special occasion to sending some love on a random day, this “little something” will put a smile on your recipient’s face. It’s packed with goodies that are sure to please, like fresh flowers and a cookbook.

brunch bash gift basket

28) Brunch Bash Gift Basket 

For the food-lover in your life, this basket is sure to delight. It includes a mini waffle maker; coffee blend with notes of chocolatey, nutty caramel; a bacon-flavored mustache comb (the bristles are really soothing to sensitive skin); and a soft kitchen towel featuring monogrammed culinary quotes.

picnc gift basket

29) Picnic Gift Basket

A picnic basket is a gift for those who love to dine in style. The basket comes fully stocked with food, drink and other fun items, such as a blanket scarf, a charcuterie board and gourmet eats. All the recipient needs to bring is a fresh baguette.

yarn gift basket

30) Yarn Gift Basket

This Easter yarn basket will suit really well for someone who loves crafts. For sure, we all have creative friends and loved ones who knit, crochet, stitch, and scrap. Treat them to a pretty gift basket packed with useful tools and fun extras.

31) Fur Parent Gift Basket 

Fur parents also deserve a dog gift basket for taking the full responsibility for taking care of the pets.  Fill it with supplies they will need for their furbabies. Let the animals as well as the fur parents feel that they are truly appreciated.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Adults 

I’ve been collecting non candy easter basket ideas for adults this year and wanted to share some of my favorite adult Easter basket ideas that are perfect for college students, your significant other, your best friend, or anyone else you’d like to give a fun easter basket to.

garden kit

32) Garden Kit

The garden kit Easter gift basket is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much you care about them. It doesn’t matter if they are avid gardeners or they are just starting out; this kit has everything they need to get started growing plants in their home. This is a great way to brighten up their day and make them feel appreciated. You can use an ordinary basket or a bucket as a container.

33) Healthy Snacks

This goodie basket is a great way to support your friend’s/family member’s weight loss goals or to promote a healthy lifestyle for your elders. Fill the basket with healthy alternatives to popular snacks such as cinnamon rolls, chocolate cookies, potato chips, fruit snacks, fresh strawberries, cheese puffs, frozen Greek yogurt, and much more.

34) Picnic Basket

This basket of summertime delicacies would be a great way to get people outside, away from their screens. Include a disposable tablecloth and all the amenities for a picnic, including trash bags, wet wipes/paper towel, an insulated water bottle, portable condiments, and their favorite food and beverage.

easter egg bath bombs

35) Easter Egg Bath Bombs

You can make bath time more fun for your loved ones with fragrant bath bombs.  Send an Easter basket that contains egg-shaped bath bombs in a variety of colors and scents. The emollients and softeners on their bathwater will surely indulge their skin, leaving it soft, supple, and silky.

easter bunny figurine & ceramic egg

36) Easter Bunny Figurine & Ceramic Egg

A ceramic bunny figurine will add flair to any Easter decor without overpowering your display. It’s also a great idea to add ceramic eggs, which complement well with the bunny as décor but also work well as a practical tool for your homesteading friends. Ceramic eggs have been used effectively for years to encourage hens to lay eggs inside a nest box rather than on the coop floor or ground.

Cool Easter Basket Ideas for Adults 

Easter celebration is supposed to be special: a one-of-a-kind day and so, we need a present for someone who loves to have things just so special as well. So if you’re going to make an adult Easter basket, you need to go above and beyond the ordinary. Here are some ideas:

37) Miniature Wine & Liquor

Despite the standard of elegance that a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne and its large bottles possesses, the mini bottles not only add to that perfection but also exude luxury.

This makes for an excellent party favor that you can gift your guests after an Easter lunch or dinner.

38) Scented Candles

38) Scented Candles

Blooming flowers, budding trees, and aromatic air—these are the scents of spring. Bring in the fresh, sweet scents with scented candles. A luxurious, natural aroma can be used for aromatherapy or to make your living space more welcoming.

tote bag

39) Tote Bag

Tote bags were originally designed to carry items from grocery stores, but over time people realized that these bags were useful for carrying everything everywhere. They could personalize them with a photo, quote, or song lyric to make a one-of-a-kind accessory that also serves as an eco-friendly shopping bag. Tote bags may have started as a trend, but their utility is timeless.

lottery tickets

40) Scratch-off Lottery Tickets

Toss a scratch-off lottery game at your next Easter party! Your guests will get in the spirit of the holiday by scratching lottery tickets and revealing whether or not they win a prize. You could choose to split any money won amongst your guests (depending upon how much you want to give away). It’s a simple concept that ensures fun for all and a bit of luck.

egg cooker

41) Egg Cooker

If you have someone in your life who couldn’t survive a week without eggs, consider this cute egg cooker kitchen appliance. It will allow them to cook eggs in a multitude of ways, including hard-boiled for salads or deviled eggs, poached for eggs benedict, or scrambled. The best part is that the entire process is hands-free, allowing them to focus on something else in the kitchen.

Homemade Easter Gifts for Adults

Homemade Easter gifts for adults are one of the most special gifts you could give, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite homemade Easter gifts for adults to inspire you.

Don’t forget that homemade Easter gifts for adults that you make yourself can be personalized, so whether you’re creating a memorable keepsake or looking for homemade Easter gifts for adults that are as unique as your loved ones, we’ve got it covered.

spring wreath

42) Spring Wreath w/ Easter Egg Nest

This Spring, welcome Easter, and spring into your home with the Easter Bunny’s Nest Wreath, which features a lush mix of quail brush twigs, lavender, wheat, and natural moss. Perfect for hanging on your front door or above the mantel, this arrangement can also be shared as a gift.

43) Paper Carrot Treat Box

43) Paper Carrot Treat Box

These tasteful carrot goody boxes are not only adorable but also practical. We will be packing them with jelly beans and Easter grass for our kiddos, or using them to decorate our Easter brunch table! They are quite easy to assemble, too. Just a few shortcuts and you have a unique Easter decoration or even a gift for a friend.

Easter Bonnet

44) Easter Bonnet

Spring and Easter are synonymous with new life and rebirth—and with this in mind, you may wish to purchase a new outfit or hat to mark the season. Enrich your wardrobe by weaving leaves and paper or actual flowers into a festive hat.

45) Easter Basket

Make them want to put all their eggs in one basket. With all there is to prep for Easter, it’s never too early to start getting set for it. The idea is to hand out these baskets before Easter so you can give your friends a head start. You can make baskets out of everything, from rope to felt, milk jugs to planters, but they all share one characteristic: they’re fun and relatively simple to craft.

46) Easter Bunny Topiary

The DIY Easter Topiary tree is a lavish, gorgeous decoration that will awaken the Easter spirit wherever it’s placed. With materials you can find in nearby variety stores and a little bit of creativity, you can craft this elegant decor to add a touch of holiday cheer to any home.

Easter Gifts for Her 

This Easter, treat the woman you love to a gift she will really cherish. We’ve selected our favorite Easter gifts for women this Easter, so you can find a gift that’s perfect for her. We know it’s not always easy to decide what Easter gifts are best suited to your partner, mom or your friend/s. That’s why we’ve put together this wonderful range of Easter gift ideas you can choose from:

beauty products for her

47) Beauty Products

Pamper your girlfriend with a cosmetic pouch filled with her favorite beauty brands. Moisturizer and primer, foundation, concealer, blush, contour, and highlighter are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to the luxury collection you should offer her. Pampering her with a personalized collection would surely give her so much joy!

jewelry for her

48) Costume Jewelry

As the proverb goes, “Good things come in small packages.” That’s definitely true when it comes to jewelry. Costume jewelry—as opposed to fine jewelry—is designed to complement your outfit, not stand alone as a collector’s item or investment. Splurging is a great idea if you’re shopping for fabulous gifts for all the women in your life.

arts and craft materials for her

49) Arts & Craft  

Finding the perfect gift for your artsy buddies doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with original art or expensive materials. Often, artsy people tend to appreciate thoughtfulness and creativity when receiving gifts. After all the eggs are dyed, help them find their next project in coloring, crocheting, clay molding, sculpting, and more.

50) Women’s Accessories

Surprise your girlfriend with accessories that will match every look she wears all year long. Hair accessories like headbands, hair clamps, scrunchies, and novelty items like keychains and phone case stickers are some of the items that come to mind.

51) Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are the easiest way to make your house look chic on a budget and they make the dreamiest of Easter gifts for style-savvy adults. Not only are they more sustainable than their fresh counterparts, but they last for ages, granting the recipient repeated joy.

Easter Gifts for Him 

When shopping for gifts for him can be a minefield. What do you get the man who has everything? If he’s got a sweet tooth, our Easter chocolate is second to none and if he’s a little naughty, our hilarious rude Easter gifts will give him something to smile about. Our range of thoughtful and unique Easter gift ideas for him will have you covered this spring.

52) Everyday Carry

52) Everyday Carry

What is everyday carry? Also known as EDC, it’s a collection of essential items that are regularly kept by a person no matter where he goes. It was first popularized in the survivalist and prepper communities so don’t be surprised if you hear pocket knife, flashlight, lighter, and a multitool being referred to as EDC. 

53) Sports gear

53) Sports gear

It’s safe to say that if your guy is into sports, he probably knows his stuff. But if you’re interested in meeting his strenuous activity with one of your own, try getting him a sporty gift that allows him to get an even better workout! It will definitely be appreciated because it shows you’ve been paying attention.

54) Games

54) Games

Finding the perfect gift for a guy is as hard as beating a boss, except when he’s a gamer. Whether you give him a digital or physical copy of the game he had been anticipating, you’re certain to please your gamer boyfriend. If he’s been working long hours, level up his pastime, and maybe ask to join in!

55) Movies

If your man is a cinephile, a physical copy of his favorite movie(s) would probably excite him in a way you wouldn’t expect. Top it off with popcorn and drinks and you get yourself a man-child hug! Movie dates will never be the same again.

6) Gadgets

When choosing gifts, some believe that women prefer diamonds, and men are more practical.

Give your boyfriend a gift he can use every day. From wireless earphones to Bluetooth speakers, you can find the perfect gift for your man.

57) Breakfast Essentials Gift Crate

This breakfast essentials gift crate includes an assortment of gourmet breakfast foods and is perfect for indulging whenever you want to. This thoughtful gift won’t steer you wrong—anyone who enjoys their mornings will appreciate what’s inside this reusable crate.

Easter Gifts for Families 

Make this Easter extra special for your family and friends with personalized gifts from the Easter Bunny. A personalized letter, phone call or video message will leave them with a smile and an unforgettable Easter memory.

Don’t miss out on these magical gifts that are sure to make this Easter eggstra special!

58) Candies

58) Candies

Nothing says “celebration” like gummy bears and jelly beans. But we’re also talking about Hunny-shaped bunnies, chocolate chips, and caramels colored to look like robin’s eggs. This is a gift that will be a hit with grownups and little ones alike.

59) Egg Decorating Kit

One of the best Easter traditions is dyeing eggs with the family. Back then it was messy, but over time Easter egg decorating kits have been created and have improved since then, it has eliminated the casualty of dying your hands making them easier to use than ever. Easter egg decorating kits will not only liven up your Easter but will also create a special (and delightfully crafty) holiday memory for the kids.

freshly baked cookies

60) Freshly Baked Cookies

A decadent, expensive snack, cookies are often a luxury for families and are usually eaten during special occasions. There are tons of fun-shaped cookie cutters in the shape of eggs, bunnies, and even pastel-colored sprinkles.

61) Books

61) Books

Easter is a time to enjoy quality time with family and friends, and indulge in fun activities that bring joy and holiday spirit. Reading stories of love, hope, and bunnies is one way to share these joyous moments. Classic literature can be passed down for generations, creating family traditions.

Chocolate Easter Bunny

62) Chocolate Easter Bunny

Indulge in a chocoholic’s dream this Easter! These cute and sweet critters always add a delicious touch to any Easter celebration. Choose from a milk or dark chocolate bunny in a variety of sizes.

Easter Gift Ideas on Elderly   

Finding an Easter gift for elderly people can be a challenge. With our help, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect present this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your grandma or grandpa, we’ve gathered some ideas that will make shopping easier.

Our list of Easter gift ideas on elderly includes a wide variety of products to meet different needs and budgets.


63) Tableware

Brighten up our elder’s Easter breakfast, lunch, and the dinner table with a set of glassware and cutlery. Tablewares are usually unnoticed when it’s there but you’d feel the lack of simplicity and elegance when it’s not. Truly, a housewarming gift for the elderly.

64) Pillowcase

64) Pillowcase

Designed with beautiful spring colors, perfect for complementing your sofas and bringing the Easter spirit to your living room or patio. Updating your pillows and blankets is the easiest way to give your living room or bedroom a fresh boost of color and pattern.

65) Personalized Egg Cup

65) Personalized Egg Cup

Personalizing a gift makes the person receiving the gift feel special and lets them know that you have taken the time and effort to specially select and brand the gift for them. They would be a gift worth remembering and keeping in the years to come. Customize the practical but also decorative egg cups with the person’s name.

66) Dress

66) Dress

An elegant outfit is the perfect go-to for any occasion, and a garment that fits every need exemplifies your understanding of your grandmother’s personal style. This gift expresses your love and gratitude for their love and effort all throughout the years.

67) Mason Jar

While a mason jar vase may be a small home product, it will take your house from just a house to a home. Not only will the flowers inside your vase add an artistic touch of beauty to any room, but they’ll also keep your house smelling beautiful all spring long.

These Easter gift ideas are the epitome of luxury, fun, and uniqueness. Whether you’re shopping for your grandmother or your wife,  your brother or your husband – we guarantee that these gifts will make this a memorable holiday. And even if you’re shopping for yourself, every one of these baskets is a delight—and well worth the splurge! Hoppy Easter!!!