Healthy Okra Recipes

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Okra is a delicious product with a distinctive look and taste, from which are oriental dishes usually prepared. It is rich with potassium, iron, calcium and fiber that stimulate the work of the intestines. 100 grams okra has 36 calories. Okra is best to serve when it is young and the fruits are tender, white seed. That is the reason it is easily digested. Okra, whose name in Turkish means herb, has a distinctive flavor that cannot be replaced by any other plant. The nutrients that are in the okra make the ideal choice for people who want to lose extra weight, but also is good for everybody that want to maintain the health of the body. Even, it is recommended to not include okra in the everyday food if your goal is to gain weight. Today we have some delicious recipes with this healthy plant. Hope that you will enjoy in them!

Charleston Okra Soup

Charleston-Okra-Soup-Recipe-Oysters-Pearls (Large)recipe and photo credit to:

Okra and green chili stew with labneh

Okra+and+green+chilli+stew+with+labnehrecipe and photo credit to:

Stuffed Okra Recipe

bharwan_bhendi-847x1024recipe and photo credit to:

Spiced Okra with Tomato

okra8recipe and photo credit to:

How to make stuffed okra

bharwan-bhindi-stuffed-okrarecipe and photo credit to:

Stir-Fried Okra with Coconut

stirfriedokrawithcoconut-9402recipe and photo credit to:

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