Decorate the food with peel

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Usually we say that it`s not nice to play with the food, but if the result that we get is like the images below, then it is allowed. In anticipation of the holidays, practice some of the techniques for decorating the food that we will show you. Whether it is a salty or sweet food, we have a few ideas you can use to create beautiful things from the peel of fruits and vegetables. At least you have an excuse to play with food. See what we have prepared for you and let us know what you like most. Enjoy!


Candied Carrot Curls

Carrot Cupcakes 07DIY and photo credit to:

Cabbage Roses

full_1290_92529_CabbageRoses_1DIY and photot credit to:

How to make roses from orange peel

how-to-make-roses-from-orange-peel-DIYDIY and photo credit to:

Carrot Roses

326DIY and photo credit to:

Apple Rose Pie

IMG_7516edDIY and photo credit to:

How to carve a rose from a tomato

RoseTomato-InfographicDIY and photo credit to:

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